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  • Enrich learning experiences in many disciplines: Industrial design, architecture, engineering, medicine and fine arts
  • Most suited for the classroom
  • Free of toxic and messy chemicals
  • Operate safely in a standard classroom
  • Easy to use


  • All industries from footwear to aerospace
  • Temperature and finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Investment and sand casting patterns
  • Inexpensive tools and jigs
  • Durable and strong
  • No post process finish necessary
  • Can be tapped, drilled, made water resistant or finished like wood.

  Geo Spatial (GIS)

  • 3D models revolutionize GIS data communication
  • Unequalled GIS models
  • Emergency responses
  • Full color, intricate, finely detailed terrain
  • Geological analysis
  • Real estate or city planning
  • Military planning
  • Document a special journey or place
  • Fraction of the cost of other 3d printing, or 2d hand crafted models


  • Communicate a concept or plan with colleagues or customers
  • Rugged, finely detailed, optional full color
  • Fraction of the cost of other methods
  • Operates safely and cleanly in your office.

  Fine Arts/Museums

  • Explore, create as never before
  • Affordable
  • Photo realistic
  • Full color Paper-based
  • Tactile
  • Duplicate special objects for viewing, study, evaluation or documentation


  • Accurate and realistic physical 3D anatomical models from MRI and CT scans
  • Cut hours from surgical procedures
  • Surgical guides for implants
  • Custom implants
  • Prosthesis design
  • Pre-contouring, pre-surgical planning
  • Medical practitioners or scientists can affordably create or replicate finely detailed objects in their office


  • Focus on design not costs
  • Concept modeling
  • Form / fit / function
  • Packaging
  • Ergonomics
  • Full true color creates more possibilities.

  Entertainment/Photo Realizm™

  • Explore the possibilities creating or replicating full color, photo realistic models in your studio
  • Bring film characters and avatars to life, with finely detailed affordable, accurate 3D models and prototypes